Pull-Up Leather 2-3 Sq.Feet

PACK: of 2 Leather pre-cut pieces 10″x12″ in. each and 1 large or several medium size scraps as a bonus. Real GENUINE Chrome Tanned Full Grain Cowhide Pull-Up Leather. Total surface of the pack 2 to 3 sq. feet. For crafts, hobby workshop, knife sharpening leather honing strops, purses, bracelets, student projects, card holders, repairs, hair bows, jewelry, sheaths, covers, earrings, wallets, sewed leather cases, etc. Packed completely flat inside our branded craft box to avoid folds or damages

FEATURES: Only Full Grain Cowhide Bourbon Dark Brown Color, NOT stiff, NOT too thick, NOT for belts. NO need to wet to engrave it, flexible and supple, as much as a Vintage Rustic Leather 1.5 mm thick can be. Medium density and ductile leather. The 2 main 10″x12″ inches pieces have been cut directly from the whole hides and the scraps remnants with irregular shapes are included in the pack as a bonus. Excellent engraving properties by hand, please watch all the pictures.

DIMENSIONS: 2 pcs 10″x12″ in. each. Also contains 1 large or some medium size scraps.The weight of the pack is 9 oz. approx. Thickness: from 1.2 mm to 1.6 mm. as shown on gauge pictures. Medium Weight Thick: 3-4 Oz. Total Surface of the Pack: 2 to 3 Square Feet. Bourbon Dark Brown Old Vintage Rustic Bomber Aviator Effect. Pull Up leather is a type of aniline leather that is colored with aniline dyes that are sealed using natural oils and/or waxes instead of paints, pigments and top coats.

IMPORTANT: This is a PULL-UP Leather. Discoloration and tone changes is the peculiarity of this type of leather. 2 pieces 10″x12″ in. each is guarantee, but bonus scraps size in the main picture is only an example, scraps pcs in each box vary in size and quantity. Perception of color may vary depending on screen. ATTENTION: We check piece by piece, BUT Cows have lived free in the fields, remember please: Specially the scraps could show bug bites, scratches, little cuts, little holes, folds etc

NO COMPROMISE on quality! I am a Master Leather Craftsman since 1.989, Several Awards and Official Recognitions Guarantee our Products. | We manufacture and sell our craft products DIRECTLY to the customers under our own Registered Trade Mark | We DO NOT have any Distributor, Wholesaler or Resellers; We only guarantee quality products sold by UPON COMPANY inside our branded packaging. This is a PERFECT GIFT for yourself or for your family & friends.


 PULL-UP LEATHER: 2 to 3 Square Feet. Real GENUINE Chrome Tanned Full Grain Cowhide Bourbon Dark Brown Pull-Up Leather

◙ 2 LARGE PRE-CUT PIECES and Scraps: You will receive 2 large pieces 10″x12″ in. each and 1 large or several medium scraps as a bonus. Thickness may vary a little from 3 to 4 oz., 1.2 mm to 1.6 mm. The average thickness is 1.5 mm./4oz. This leather is not too thick or stiff, that will help you a lot to make your leather craft project, NOT for thick strips. Can be used as Knife Sharpening Leather Honing Strops

◙ TOTAL SURFACE: If you spread them together on a table you will have from 2 to 3 square feet, this is a lot of material for your projects.

◙ IMPORTANT: The GENUINE leather is a natural material, so please keep in mind that these are PULL-UP effects so discoloration and tone changes is the special peculiarity of this kind of leather. Also the scraps part of this pack could contain fat wrinkles, little holes, folds, insect bite marks, small scratches, etc. It is because animals have lived free in the fields, completely normal working with GENUINE LEATHER, as a signal of authenticity. The main 2 Pre-Cut 10″x12″ pieces are cut directly from the entire hide, so these come in perfect leather conditions.

◙ ATTENTION: Please keep in mind that the 2 pieces 10″x12″ in. each is guarantee, but scraps in the main picture are only for size example purpose, the quantity, size and irregular shape of every scrap piece may vary, but the total weight of the pack 8-9 Oz. is guarantee.

◙ PACKAGING: You can store our Pull-Up Leather into our craft box or not worry about packaging when you are making a gift. We pack flat the leather pieces inside individual boxes, this way we protect it during the transport avoiding damages on the way.

Packing List

2 x 10″x12″ inches Pull-Up Leather Pieces

1 Large or Several Medium Size Scraps

1 x Upon Leather Protecting Box