Green Compound 6 Oz.

SUPERIOR: 6 Oz. of Fine Green Polishing Compound. Highest Quality abrasive polishing paste ready for an easy application to your leather strops or buffing wheels | Once the compound has been applied and introduced into the leather you can start stropping and honing all your knives, straight razors, blades, chisels or tools to achieve that beautiful mirror finish and scary razor sharp edge. Please visit our UPON LEATHER Amazon Store to see our wide range of Leather Strops.

FEATURES: Our Compound is very very easy to apply, it has the perfect consistency, NOT greasy, NOT dry, NOT chalky, NOT brittle, or flaking. You do not need to heat the surface of the leather. It comes properly protected and labeled with conservation instructions. All our products are ideal for storing or gifts due to our outstanding and environmentally friendly Packaging, read it in all our store products customer Reviews!!.. You will get a BRILLIANT RAZOR SHARP EDGE.

DIMENSIONS & COMPOSITION: Approximate Compound size: 3.15” long x 2.20” wide x 0.95” high. 80 mm x 56 mm x 24 mm. Weight approx.: 6 oz. – 170 Grams. Substances as follow: Paraffin, Vegetable Oil, Animal Oil and Aluminum Oxide. This last substance is the highest percentage in it, a 60%. Aluminum Oxide is the most used substance for example in good quality sharpening whetstones. From our point of view and experience, it is at the same level or higher than the Chromium Oxide.

EASY TO USE : Stropping is the act of aligning the edge of razors, chisels, tools & all kind of knives. Our Compound applied to a leather strop GIVE & MAINTAINS a polished sharp cutting edge. Knives should be clean before stropping to avoid leaving a layer of dirt on the strop. Our compound admits to be completely cleaned and reloaded in the future. Instructions for using bellow in “Product Description”. Everything inside a beautiful gift box that respects the environment as shown

PREMIUM QUALITY: Our products have been checked one by one during the entirely handmade manufacturing process. NO COMPROMISE on quality! I am a Master Leather Craftsman since 1.989, Several Awards and Official Recognitions Guarantee our Products, Expertise and Trajectory | We manufacture and sell our craft products DIRECTLY to the customers under our own Registered Trade Mark | Don’t forget to buy this product as a PERFECT GIFT for yourself or for your family & friends.

GRIT OR MICRON EQUIVALENCES: Really there is not any exact equivalence between whetstone microns or sandpaper grit and Compound level of hardness. What I can assure is that having our 3 different Compounds you will have a wide range of polishing abrasive pastes, from the Coarse Black to the Extra Fine White, passing through the Medium Universal Fine Green.

I have asked to my compound supplier in U.K. several times and he confirmed that doesn’t exist any equivalence. I could offer some grit equivalences from my own but I like to be very pernickety and serious with data I give to my fellow clients.

White and Green compounds are infinitely finer than any stone, think that these are pastes, not stones!! Every step in the art of sharpening is very important, using a good whetstone first is very important and finish the sharpening with a good compound on a leather strop will bring your edges to the highest level of a razor sharp. But please take into account that these are different and complementary procedures, none can replace the other.

Green and White compounds are closer each other, fine and extra fine, you will notice more difference with the Coarse Black, so use the Black (if you have it) for a dull or not too sharp edge. The White is the finest, so use it the last one to finish your blade.  If you only have our Medium Fine Universal Green is a perfect option to use only this color, because is the most universal one.

Product description:

 What is a Strop loaded with Compound? The Compound on a Leather Strop is used for the final stage of sharpening and to maintain a sharp cutting edge day by day. The function is to polish the edge and work off any burr left behind by sharpening stones.The leather strops can be loaded with our Green Compound.

◙ Using a Strop. Strops are frequently used with polishing compounds, the extremely fine abrasives paste that give a mirror polish to an edge. Start by applying it to the surface of the strop, no need to cake it on, just do it like coloring with a crayonHold the bevel against the surface of the strop with LIGHT PRESSURE and move the blade away from the cutting edge. Turn the blade over and do the same on the other side.Never move the blade toward the cutting edge as it will cut into the strop resulting in dulling of the edge and damage to the leather.

◙ Why Compound? Knife & tools enthusiasts prefer to use a compound, that way you get a beautiful mirror finish to your blade and an incredible razor sharp edge.

◙ IMPORTANT: The leather strop loaded with compound does not replace a sharpening stone only complements it for getting a final, smoothing, razor sharp edge and to keep it day by day.

◙ YOU CAN ALWAYS remove all types of residual grease, dirt or old compound with a fine sandpaper and reload with new compound when needed.

◙ DELUXE PACKAGING You can easily store our Compound block after each use inside our provided box or not worry about packaging when you are making a gift.

Packing List

1 x 6 Oz. of Fine Green Compound 3.15”x 2.2”x 0.95”

1 x Upon Leather Gift Box