Pack of 2

SUPERIOR: Pack of 2 Leather Honing Strops Highest Quality Vegetable Tanned Cowhide ; Ready for an Easy Application of Compound ; 2 Strops, so you can apply various types of compound ; Leather Strops come in both suede and smooth options, you can also use them applying compound to one piece for the first honing step and using the other one for the final stropping touch to get a BRILLIANT RAZOR SHARP.

INCLUDES: We also provide 2 double-sided adhesive tapes FOR TROUBLE FREE operation, that way you can easily adhere these strops to a piece of wood, plexiglass, board, kitchen table or whatever. That way you avoid troubles with glue!! Everything inside a beautiful gift box as shown ( it can be used to store your strops after use). 100% hand finished leather embossed with our logo.

DIMENSIONS: 3 inches wide x 10 inches long (Stropping Surface: Smooth Side: 3″ x 9″ | Rough Side: 3″ x 10″). According to our experience these are correct measurements for mostly blades to strop. THICKNESS: As prove of authenticity of vegetable real leather skin the thickness may vary from 1/16” to 3/32”, but 90% of strops comes in 3/32 or more = 2.5 mm aprox., mostly come from 2.4 mm to 2.6 mm, more than enough to be stuck to a board or used directly as it comes.

EASY TO USE: Stropping is the act of aligning the fine steel edge of a straight razor, woodworking chisels, all kind of knives as; hunting knives, fillet knives, pocket knives, kitchen knives, tactical knives, etc. Clean the blade with water before and after stropping. Our Leather Strops GIVE & MAINTAIN a highly polished, sharp cutting edge. Our suede-rough side has been specially treated and has an especially PRESSED, short and dense nap, what is most ideal to strop your blades.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Our products have been checked one by one during the entirely handmade manufacturing process. NO COMPROMISE on quality! I am a Master Leather Craftsman since 1.989, Several Awards and Official Recognitions Guarantee our Products, Expertise and Trajectory ; We manufacture and sell our leather craft products DIRECTLY to the customers under our own brand ; Don’t forget to buy this product as a PERFECT GIFT for yourself or for your family & friends.

Product description:

◙ What is a Strop? A Leather Strop is used for the final stage of sharpening and to maintain a sharp edge. The function is to polish the edge and work off any burr left behind by sharpening stones.They can be mounted to a rigid base like a board, we provide 2 double-sided tapes.
◙ Using a Strop. Strops are frequently used with honing compounds, the extremely fine abrasives that give a mirror polish to an edge. Start by applying it to the surface of the strop, no need to cake it on, just do it like coloring with a crayon.Hold the bevel against the surface of the strop with LIGHT PRESSURE and move the blade away from the cutting edge. Turn the blade over and do the same on the other side.Never move the blade toward the cutting edge as it will cut into the strop resulting in dulling of the edge and damage to the leather.
◙ Compound ? A strop can be used with or without any compound. Knife and tools users often use a compound. They can find the type of compound they prefer.To choose among different types of compounds is a matter of personal preference. Honing compound will show results more quickly than plain. So we recommend first using one strop with compound and then following up with a few strokes on the other plain strop.
◙ Suede or smooth side? Our Leather Strops come in both suede and smooth options. You can have both on the same strop block. When using suede strops the nap of the suede holds onto compound well allowing to be loaded easily. It’s up to you, but applying compound to the smooth side is a great decision too.Our BRAND Logo is embossed on the smooth side.
YOU CAN ALWAYS remove all types of residual grease, dirt or old compound with sandpaper and reload with new compound when needed.Our Vegetable Leather admits to be sanded on both sides.
Packing List
2 x Leather Strops 3×10 inches
2 x Double-Sided Tape
1 x Craft Box