Embossed Printed 1 LB

With thanks to: https://myinspirationcorner.com/ excellent tutorial Blog for DIY projects.

  • SUPERIOR PACK: 1 Pound at least, usually 1 to 1.5 LB. Highest Quality of Spanish and Italian authentic real GENUINE Leather. The total surface will be approx 6 to 7 square feet. You will receive 15 different earth tones and happy colors. An assortment pack of 15-20 leather pieces. Ideal for leather crafts, making leather jewelry, earrings, bracelets, student projects, purses, card holders, etc. Everything inside a craft box as shown.
  • FEATURES: Mostly cowhide and there could be a very small percentage of flexible lambskin. We mix high, medium density and very flexible ductile leathers, that way you can cover all your needs. Most of leather pieces are cut directly from hides. Much larger than a hand size and other are scraps with irregular shapes as you see on pictures!. Colors may vary depending on screen.
  • DIMENSIONS: Assortment from 15 to 20 Embossed and Printed Leather Scraps. This is an ASSORTMENT!!! Thickness: Approximate from 1 mm to 1.5 mm as shown on gauge pictures. Total Surface of the Pack: From 6 to 7 Square Feet. That is 35” x 27” inches or 90 x 70 cm. Bigger precut scraps will be 28.5 cm x 17.8 cm which is 11.22” x 7” inches. No problems with storing due to our craft box, this way we protect our leather from damages, wrinkles or folds during storing or transport.
  • IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that the first orders will receive the same scrap colors that you see on the MAIN picture more or less, BUT with time and exhausting inventory the following packs will be very similar but NOT completely the same colors. Always it will be earth tones, bright, vivid, lively and happy colors, that is for sure. We have more than enough stock of some colors for a long time. We renovate our leather stocks every month with new and fashionable colors.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our products have been checked one by one during the entirely handmade manufacturing process. NO COMPROMISE on quality! I am a Master Leather Craftsman since 1.989, Several Awards and Official Recognitions Guarantee our Products, Expertise and Trajectory | We manufacture and sell our craft products DIRECTLY to the customers under our own Registered Trade Mark | Don’t forget to buy this product as a PERFECT GIFT for yourself or for your family & friends.

◙ LEATHER SCRAPS: 1 Pound at least!! Even more 1-1.5 LB…. 6 to 7 Square Feet. Spectacular Earth tones, Bright, Vivid, Cheerful, Lively, Happy Multi Colors Leather, that is not normal on the market!!!

◙ COWHIDE and LAMBSKIN: 90% Cowhide – 10% Lambskin, you will receive an assortment of different colors (15 to 20 colors), densities, thickness, several textures, that will help you a lot to make your leather craft project.

◙ TOTAL SURFACE: If you spread the scraps together on a table you will have from 6 to 7 Square feet, this is a lot of material for your projects. 

◙ IMPORTANT: The GENUINE leather is a natural material that could contain little insect bite marks, tone changes, small scratches, etc, but the embossed and printed leather hides most of these little marks, so you will use everything. Most pieces are cut directly from the embossed entire cowhides, BUT please keep in mind that some of them could be leather scraps but always from GENUINE Leather. Back side is pressed so you don’t see a long nap suede due to the embossing and pressing process. 

◙ ATTENTION: Current packs will be very similar but NOT completely the same colors that you see in the MAIN picture. They will always be: earth tones, bright, vivid, lively and happy colors, the same range, that is for sure. We renovate our leather stocks every month with new and fashionable colors. For a SMOOTH, PLAIN variety colors leather pack please visit our store, we have it too. 

◙ NICE PACKAGING: You can easily store our Leather Scraps into our craft box or not worry about packaging when you are making a gift 

Packing List: 

1 x 1 Lb of Leather Scraps Embossed and Printed Colors 

1 x Upon Leather Craft Box