30 PACK-Leather Key Fob Kits

30 PACK: Leather Key Fob Kits made from GENUINE Natural Vegetable Tanned Full Grain Cowhide Leather. For DIY keychain crafts, handmade and promotional gifts, business promotions, workshop projects, or just making and personalizing your own Key Fobs. Ideal for a good start in Leather Crafts. All packed into a branded craft box to avoid folds or damages during transport. Key Rings and Rivets included. The Rivet Setting Tool is needed to complete.

FEATURES: Vegetable Tanned Tooling Leather, suitable for regular or laser engraving, easy to carve, tool, paint, dye or stamp. Natural Color Leather Blanks to be personalized according to your needs, enough space to customize your type of leather stamping. Thickness may vary from 2.00 to 3.5 mm. Average Leather Thickness: 2.5 mm. 3/32” in. Key Rings and Rivets included!!!

PIECES & DIMENSIONS: 30 Leather Key Blanks: inches 3.66” long x 1.96” wide. | Leather Weight/Thickness is 6-7 Oz. on average. | ++ PLUS 30 Key Rings: inside diameter 1.00” in. – outside diameter 1.18” in. | ++ PLUS 30 Double Cap Convex Rivets: Head/Cap diameter 0.35” in. (9 mm.) – Rivet Height 0.35” in. (9 mm.). | Key Rings and Rivets in Nickel Color.

IMPORTANT: To finish tightening the rivets you need a rivet setting tool for final striking! This rivet setting tool is NOT included in this KIT. | We check piece by piece, BUT Cows have lived free in the fields, so a small percentage could show, little marks, fat wrinkles, tone changes or discoloration, normal working with Veg Tan Leather. Natural Color will change with use and light. Please watch all pictures and Video Tutorial for INSTRUCTIONS. Leather color may vary depending on screen.

NO COMPROMISE on quality! I am a Master Leather Craftsman since 1.989, Several Awards and Official Recognitions Guarantee our Products. | We manufacture and sell our craft products DIRECTLY to the customers under our own Registered Trade Mark | We DO NOT have any Distributor, Wholesaler or Resellers; We only guarantee quality products sold by UPON COMPANY inside our branded packaging. This is a PERFECT GIFT for yourself or for your family & friends.

Product Description

◙ 30 PACK – LEATHER KEY FOB KITS: GENUINE Vegetable Tanned Full Grain Leather. 30 Key Fob Blanks, 30 Key Rings, 30 Rivets. Make your 30 customized Keyrings! The Leather Blanks are punched out of 6-7oz leather. The Rivet Setting Tool is needed to complete.

◙ DIY KIT: Pressed Clean Back Side, although we have pressed the nap of the back side this is real leather so some leather nap could appear with time and use. INSTRUCTIONS: Please watch our Video Tutorial and pictures. 

◙ CUSTOME ME: This leather is easy to carve, tool, paint, dye or stamp, also you can engrave it of course, suitable for regular or laser engraving. Stamping Area: 1.85” x 1.96” in. (bell shape). More dimensions on pictures. 

◙ IMPORTANT: The GENUINE leather is a natural material, a small portion could contain fat wrinkles, tone changes, discoloration or small marks, this is because animals have lived free in the fields, all of this is completely normal working with GENUINE VEGETABLE TANNED TOOLING LEATHER, BUT 90% of the blanks are completely clean and flawless. We carefully check every piece, clean pieces are pre-cut directly from the Grade A cowhides. 

◙ ATTENTION: Color may vary depending on screen. The near white first color may vary a little to beige or tan due to the natural vegetable tanning process or with the light received later, normal in this kind of vegetable leather. 

 PACKAGING: Store our Key Fobs into our artisan/craft box or not worry about packaging when you are making a gift. This way we protect the leather during storing and transport avoiding damages or folds 

Packing List: 

30 x Leather Key Fob Blanks 

30 x Key Rings 1.18” in. 

30 x Double Cap Rivets 0.35” in. 

1 x Upon Leather Protecting Craft Box